Neometrix Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is a complete engineering solutions company based in Delhi/NCR.

We are specialized in CUSTOM BUILT Turnkey Projects, Test Systems, Pilot Plants, Gas Cabinets, Special Purpose Machines, Gas Handling Systems like Oxygen, Helium, Nitrogen or Inert Gases-Charging Systems, Gas Boosting Systems, Gas Test Benches & Data Acquisition Systems.

We have expertise in various engineering domains like Aviation, Electrical & Instrumentation, Electronics, Fluid Mechanics & Chemical Engineering.

We have experts in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical/ Instrumentation Engineering, Software, Civil Engineering, Aeronautical engineering and other engineering fields.

The company has a team of ~40 highly qualified engineers and has an experience of more than 170 successfully delivered projects.

The founder is graduate from IIT Kanpur and the company remains very closely linked with IITs. We utilize the expertise available there as and when required. Neometrix is working with IIT professors on several consultancy projects. We take extensive consultancy help from IIT.

Neometrix has an extensive VENDOR Base in Delhi/NCR. Complete system design, engineering, procurement and integration is done at our facility.

Neometrix Engineering Pvt. Ltd. has facility of 10,000 sq. feet state of the art office infrastructure housing 40 engineers from various engineering domains.

With such alliances and our own detail engineering capabilities, we are in a position to deliver you state of the art world class Engineering Systems and facilities.

Neometrix is a member (as Industry Partner with ministry of HRD & Ministry of Railways) of TMRS (TECHNOLOGY MISSION FOR RAILWAY SAFETY).

We have supplied following Test Rigs/ Systems to various customers, mainly in DEFENCE (Please note that not all systems are mentioned here):


(i) Computerized Universal General Purpose Hydraulic Test Bench

(ii) Computerized Rudder Test Equipment

(iii) Computerized Tail Plane Test Equipment

(iv) Centrifugal Pump Test Bench for SU-30 Aircraft

(v) Computerized Pneumatic Test Bench

(vi) PC Based Alternator Test Bench for Automation of Jaguar Aircraft

(vii) Fully Automated PC Based Ejection Release Unit Test Bench

(viii) Fully Automated PC Based Timer Test Benches

(ix) Fully Automated PC Based Counter Test Benches

(x) Fully Automated PC Based Static Inverter Test Bench

(xi) Fully Automated PC Based Display Test Bench

(xii) Fully Automated Universal Hydraulic Test Bench for SU-30 project.

(xiii) Fully Automated Avitron Test Bench

(xiv) Oxygen Test Benches for SU-30 project

(xv) Pneumatic PC Based Gauge Pressure Switch Test Rig

(xvi) Pneumatic PC Based Absolute Pressure switch Test Rig

(xvii) Nozzle Pressure Ratio Test Rig

(xviii) Hydraulic Servicing Trolleys

(xix) Starter Generator Test Rig-6kW

(xx) Helium Charging Systems

(xxi) Pressure Reduction Skids

(xxii) Actuator Test Benches



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